unspecified-2What fun it was to see a puzzle standing upright! Kids and parents loved the concept as they assembled the fire truck from the bottom up. The magnetized double sided wooden pieces are substantial for kids’ grips as they figure out which wheel goes where, add the body, driver, ladder and elephant manning the hose. Our little one took a few attempts before she lined up the hose on the pieces to add the fireman on the back. Janod’s pieces are thick enough to stand alone so a little pretend play took off after the puzzle was completed. The ladder turned up to reach the fire and the two characters moved around independently. What a fun way to learn spatial vocabulary as your child is assembling the fire truck. “The driver is in the front, while the other fireman is in the back. The hose is attached in the middle, and the siren sits on top.” Expanding vocabulary builds literacy skills that contribute to good writers as kids begin school.