unspecified-1Kids and parents were fascinated by a “stand up” puzzle! My little friend put it together over and over, learning how the princess’ carriage differed slightly with a bigger wheel in the back versus the front. Pieces magically held together magnetically so our vertical horse drawn carriage stayed upright. The puzzle came to life after several assemblies as the ¬†princess became an independent play piece stepping out of the carriage, wheels rolled away and the bird flew to its perch on the top. This beautiful double sided puzzle provides an opportunity for parents to come along side their child’s play and talk about the action, feeding their child rich vocabulary and language. “The princess is riding between the two frogs, who are in the front and back. The back wheel is bigger than the front wheel.” I listened to Grandma narrate beautifully as her 3 year-old granddaughter was figuring out the puzzle piece placement. What an opportunity for fun learning!