How speedy can  you be piling the ingredients on your pizza? Kids loved grabbing some of the 99 pieces to choose from their little drawstring bag to make a  pizza that matched the card drawn. Every pepper, bunch of spinach, tomato, olive, shrimp, egg or mushroom, as well as others, had a face on them for kids to discuss too. “Why are they all sad? (onions)  said my 4 year-old friend. We explained that cutting onions makes you cry! “Am I done?” he said when he thought he had completed his pizza to match the sample. Lots of good conversation ensued as we talked about,  “Are they the same?”  “What is different? ” He said, “I had 1 extra onion and 1 more lettuce. Kids learn math vocabulary of more/less, same/different, one more, and numbers as they compare their pizza to the one on the card and decide how to make it match. “I need two more peppers, and one mushroom.” We had a little talk about feelings too as we discussed how the different ingredients felt based on their face. The pepper looks sleepy and the pineapple is happy. We were making smart pizzas!