imgresParents are constantly asking me how to teach their children letters. Learning has to be fun so grab this colorful “Splash Magnetic Letters Set” and start the play. You might look for the beginning letter of your child’s name or the letter of a written word in the room such as on the cereal box. Name it, say the sound and maybe a word that starts with it. “W, wwww, Willie, W starts walrus.” Have fun attaching your W to the refrigerator or other metal items in the room as you repeat the letter name. Just model the name of the letter, never quiz your child or demand that they say it. They are smart and can clam up if they feel they  are pressured. Remember this is fun! They will eventually repeat it. This letter set comes with 2 sets of the alphabet so we had fun with our little friends spelling small words and finding letters in their name. It is a great companion to the Janod Splash Adjustable Easel, because the letters stick to the whiteboard side and the easel can be lowered to a beginner’s size. Learning letters is a great first step toward reading.

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