Janod_Tactile%20Puzzle_Life%20on%20the%20IceLife is fun on the ice as kids construct this menagerie of animals playing on the icebergs around an eskimo fishing in front of his igloo. Our little friend looked at the large picture first and started naming the animals and let me know he wanted to start with the penguins! Naming, describing and counting can all be part of the play while getting some tactile input too! The whale’s shiny deep blue fin, the moose’s furry back, the goldfish’s shimmery silver body and seal’s short pile give kids an added sensory experience as they talk about textures and compare them. A preschool puzzle is a delightful way to work together, engaging in language learning, talking about the scene as you construct it, using directional vocabulary, “I need the snow covered trees up in the corner,” or “The fuzzy white polar bear baby goes down in this corner at the bottom,” as you complete the picture. Busy hands constructing paired with lots of chat about the animals makes for a fun language lesson!