Kids drop their fishing line into the pretend pool of sea creatures and the jiggly, giggly fun begins. Catch a blue marlin, orange lobster, green clam, yellow puffer fish, purple sea horse, red crab or pink octopus when the magnetic light-up bobber connects and your creature jiggles to a child’s delight. The smart fishing pole teaches kids about animals, colors, numbers and songs as you select the Fish, Game or Songs mode. “Hi, I’m a pink octopus. I need my eight arms to eat, swim and play. Let’s play with our friends.”  Kids build listening and following directions skills as they answer questions in the Game mode: “Can you find the yellow animal? Let’s find the crab. What a catch.” Catch an animal to hear a song in the Music mode about “Crabby crabby Crabs,” “A-fishing we will go,”  or “Happy as a Clam.” The deep sea storage bucket is perfect for clean up or portable play as kids try a new fishing spot! The jiggle that starts the giggle makes learning fun as kids enjoy learning important language skills, preparing them for school.

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