t440_d6e32a659ebcd737aff55d350419e36dPack your inner dictionary as you run back and forth to beat your opponents at this exciting, fast-paced anagram game! Jumbo Bananagrams, the super-size version of the popular Bananagram word game, has 144 waterproof 3” square letter tiles ready to accommodate up to 8 eager players that are prepared to put their vocabulary to the test. Take this game to the beach,  backyard, poolside, or classroom floor and make plenty of room for each player to try to be the first one to weave a web of words with their designated number of tiles. Don’t get too comfortable because if someone shouts “peel” you need to be on your feet and running to the pile of extra letters to gather some more! This game is an excellent way to develop spatial thinking, as well as boost vocabulary and spelling skills, as you construct overlapping words with available letters.  If a fast-paced game is not your cup of tea, try the “Banana Smoothie” or one of the other alternate play suggestions from the instructions for a slower or less animated form of play. My eight-year old friend has a particular interest in animals and simply enjoyed casually finding ways to use words like “lemming” and “otters.” However they prefer to play, kids and adults alike, always seem to go “bananas” over this game.

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