The original of magnetic tiles, Magna-Tiles, has perfected their already awesome building product and expandedon the possibilities of open play. The 25-Piece Jungle Animal set includes 5 animals, with magnetic feet and hands, for unlimited pretend play potential.

The set includes 10 squares, 4 isosceles triangles, 4 equilateral triangles, a square spinner (a fantastic addition to any Magna-Tiles creation – more on that later!), stairs, and of course the 5 different jungle animals: hippo, sloth, tiger, leopard, and caiman.

With the addition of animals to these already awesome building sets, our toy testers created rich stories for the animals to experience. For instance, our 7 and 4 year old toy testers created a tall jungle tree for a leopard to climb up and hide from a caiman down below. They used dialogue, problem solving, and negotiated different roles in their story.

As their story developed, so did their creative structure. They added, revised, and worked cooperatively to build and rebuild their jungle-scape. Practicing hand-eye coordination, balance and weight concepts, and spatial concepts all while using language to tell a story. The included square-spinner is a brilliant piece where one square spins 360 degrees. This was perfect for our slow sloth to “trick” the fierce tiger and hippo who were waiting below the tree hoping for a snack!

The stars of the show were definitely the new animals! With magnetic feet and moveable heads and mouths, our kiddos were keen on creating new situations and experiences for these characters, while simultaneously growing their social skills and emotional intelligence as they played.

Magna-Tiles is a leading choice for magnetic tiles with their super sticking magnetic power, high quality, sturdy build and BPA free plastic. Now, our favorite brand has introduced a new element with animals that act as characters to take open and imaginative play to the next level.