579B_Jungle-Fun-ABC-PlayMat_frontangle-296x300This play mat generated so much talking, parents were amazed. 2 year-olds loved taking out the letters, and trying to name them, following my model. They quickly could repeat the names, expanding their repertoire of sounds. The bright, colorful interlocking sections of the play mat can be used for puzzle play, or exploring the jungle scene for “Z is for Zebra” or “M is for Monkey,” giving the sounds associated with the letters. Even the plastic zippered container became part of the play as they filled, emptied and re-filled it with the letters as they named them (not always accurate of course!). Parents can build their child’s language skills by describing what kids are looking at on the mat or what letters they are removing. “The crocodile is in front of the duck,” or “The wolf is howling,” and “The snake is coiled up.” This mat has so much to talk about, it will keep smart chat going through play!

Available at Alex Toys. Click here