jungle-train-journey-set-e3800_2_zoomHape’s Jungle Train Journey Set was clearly one of my favorite new toys at the New York Toy Fair this year! I  took a video of playing with this unique new train for our little toddlers and preschoolers. The monkey engine connects magnetically to the lion and elephant cars to take a ride through the jungle. Venture through the steamy rain forest tunnel with a canopy of dangling vines or pass over the swamp which makes crinkle noises as the train parts the foliage. Kids engage in fun pretend play, talking between animals as they travel through the jungle. Hape’s bright colors and design help teach colors, and action vocabulary–passing through, over, on areas and stopping to play. This is a perfect starter play train for little ones and is compatible with other pieces and sets such as the new “Monkey Pop Up Track” and “Color and Shape Sorter Track” which were some of my favorite additions to the set. All aboard for some fun language learning!

Available at Hape. Click here