01054_1Pick your teams and get ready for a fast-paced game of “Junior Alias.” The starting team chooses a player to explain the picture cards while the others guess, getting a point for each correct answer until the sand timer is out. Some are easier than others to guess–rooster (animal that wakes up the farm), ghost (wears a white sheet on Halloween) or hot dog while others made us work at it–fencer, ant hill, and ice hockey player. Explainers are penalized a point if they use any part of the word or pass on a card that is too hard. Kids loved both sides of the fun, explaining and guessing and we had lots of laughs at some of the responses and explanations like an onion whose clue was “a crying machine.” A wonderful language learning tool, this game teaches vocabulary and deductive reasoning as players learn to give the most helpful clue to narrow down the answer and hone their describing skills.

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