Marble runs are known for their educational and STEM value. As children build, assess, and test their designs, they’re learning problem solving, engineering, and persistence. And now the youngest builders can experience the same fun and learning.

The Junior Marble Run is perfect for kids ages 1 and up. The large, oversized pieces are easy (and safe) for tiny hands to manipulate. As toddlers attach and snap pieces together, they’re practicing fine motor skills. The Junior Marble Run also allowed for vertical play, which works dexterity and control. Children often practiced squatting and standing as the marbles fell to the bottom and they eagerly stood up to make it happen all over again.

They followed simple directions by using color matching and reinforced color recognition during the building phase. It was a perfect language opportunity for parents to describe how each differed in shape, color, and purpose. So much descriptive language!

Once the marble run was built- it was time to test! There are 5 large and colorful balls included with the set. Our 1 and 3 year old testers took turns dropping balls at the top and following their path down each track – building hand-eye coordination. Parents had the opportunity to discuss more abstract concepts like prediction – “Where do you think the ball will fall?” to promote logic and reasoning skills.

This is the perfect introduction to early STEM toys for young builders. It provided awesome entertainment, as well as promoted fine and gross motor skills, language development, and logic and reasoning.

Available at MindWare