Slide open this little box of 14 experiments that all involve sugar. Sounds sweet to me. My 12 year-old friend loves science experiments so he started right in, making sugar cubes in the mini ice cube tray provided. Everything gets more fun when adding drops of color and flavor like vanilla or almond extract. Paint the cubes, coat them with clear nail polish and string them on thread for a sugar necklace. Next up was making soap by melting the glycerin sticks in the microwave and adding some brown sugar and food coloring. They were ready for use after becoming firm in a few hours. Other experiments involved making sugar crystals (rock candy), learning about saturation of a solution, Sugar Rainbow Glass, learning about density or Feed Your Flowers with sugar and vinegar to learn about plant food and restricting bacteria. Although these are fairly simple experiments, they require adult supervision as written in the instructions, partly due to using food coloring and boiling water. Chemistry experiments are wonderful activities for exploring and discovering how materials react to each other in the world of STEM and can be an excellent language learning experience when you add a little lab notebook to record your findings and make note of what you discover.

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