Kaloo_Les%20Amis%20Cookie%20LeopardKaloo’s special packaging tells you right away you are in for a treat! Kids waited in anticipation as I pulled the little ribbon tab on the bottom of the box insert to reveal another compartment with a darling spotted baby leopard. My 2 and 4 year-old friends were equally excited about this silky, fluffy plush toy, that they referred to as “Spotted Leopard.” After some play, the 4 year-old took off to put him to sleep in his play tent upstairs but the leopard moved around quite a bit, filling different pretend play roles such as a visit to the doctor. A favorite spot was to put him “nite nite” in the pull-out box and close it up. Both kids were having a little trouble staying in bed for nap time at Grandma’s house so she told them they could take the Leopard and Penguin if they stayed in bed (small bribe!). As grandma sat with a few quiet minutes to herself she said, “A two hour nap is worth a million bucks!” Kaloo’s Les Amis plush animals become fast friends for pretend play as little ones imitate their daily routines and experiences, building language as they vocalize during play. Being a good companion for nap time is certainly a bonus too.