Kaloo_Les%20Amis%20Pepit%20PenguinMom’s loved Kaloo’s Les Amis Collection the minute they saw the beautiful box. As I pulled the ribbon tab to reveal the little penguin inside, my 2 year-old grabbed it and held him in a tight hug with a big smile on his face. They became fast friends as he played with his penguin, sat him beside him while drawing, put him to sleep in the box, “Good night!” and even played doctor, checking his mouth with a tongue depressor and giving him a few shots (in the face, oh my)! This soft, silky, fluffy penguin was a great instigator of fun and pretend play, building cognitive, social and language skills as his little boy generated stories from his daily experiences, trying out different roles and plots. Having had a little trouble staying in bed for nap time at Grandma’s house, the 2 year-old was told him he could take the penguin to bed if he stayed there (small bribe!). As grandma sat with a few quiet minutes to herself she said, “A two hour nap is worth a million bucks!” Kaloo’s Les Amis plush animals become fast friends for pretend play, building language as they inspire talking during play. Being a good companion for nap time is certainly a bonus too.