Kaloo_Les%20Amis%20Rocking%20DonkeyKids stood in line to ride the soft plush Kaloo donkey with the broad sturdy seat. Our first rider set his toy down on the seat and climbed on saying, “Woof, woof, a bounce!” as he rocked back and forth. Patting the donkey’s head, he took off on his imaginary ride. The next child climbed on and said, “Hee, haw!” “It’s moving,” as he guided his donkey back and forth. What a wonderful addition to the playroom, a friend available to feed, pet and love who also can take you on a trip. Pretend play is so important beginning at about a year as kids start to imitate experiences around them, trying on different roles and making up their own stories. Language skills are strengthened when we provide our little ones with props like this donkey to invite open-ended play and creativity.