Mama Kanga and Baby Joey Kangaroo are a magical puppet pair for parents and children, educators and students, and friends too! Their matching fur is luxuriously soft and made of high quality material that is built to last.

The detailed features on these puppets make pretend play feel so real. Mama kangaroo has big powerful hind legs that are ready for jumping. Her long thick tail sits strongly behind her. Her arms and mouth are moveable. Best of all, her front pouch is the perfect size for her little Baby Joey. Little Joey is the perfect child’s hand puppet with moveable arms, soft fur, and a face to love.

With all incredible Folkmanis puppets, the Kangaroo and Joey have a story to tell, along with fun facts about the Australian dwellers. Children remained engaged as the puppeteer read “Australian Taxi,” finding fun rhyming words and requesting to hear it again and again.

The unique factor about this puppet is that you get two! Children immediately wanted to be a part of the fun as they took on the role of baby Joey. This allowed for lots for rich language and conversation through role playing. Children loved putting themselves in the someone else’s shoes and talking about a new experience.

“One of the nicest things about puppets is that it’s your own hand in there. You can make it do anything you want to.” – Jim Henderson, creator of the Muppets

Folkmanis shows off another beautifully crafted and realistically designed animal friend. The Kangaroo and Joey encouraged and inspired imaginative play while children built language and social-emotional awareness.

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