Krazy Wordz is definitely “The word game of making sense out of nonsense,” as we created a made-up word to match our our task card, like “Insect from South America,” Type of Pizza,” Yoga Pose” or “Makes You Feel Sad.” Each card elicits some emotion and sounds that might represent it. Everyone secretly guesses what the word represents from several options and then wins points for guessing the correct answer or eliciting the correct answer from fellow players. We created “Glug,”  “Glas,” and “Vleet” and had to guess between 6 options, 3 real and 3 added to confuse us.  Players don’t pronounce their words until the “reveal” as it could give added hints. “Glug” was a “witches brew ingredient,” while “Glas” was a “luxury hotel,” especially when I read it in a foreign accent. “Vleet” matched “player to my right is a…” whereas players voted for “newly discovered planet.” We had a riot explaining and arguing our match of word to task. We decided that we have to think about how that task is represented in sounds, calling upon phonics skills to create a combination of sounds to match the word to the task. Players correctly guessed “Glug” because it reminded us of eating, glub. “Glas” sounded classy so it got a correct vote for luxury hotel, and “vheet” got a right answer from the player to right, ironically! Bottom line is we had to use language and literacy skills to create and guess words while having a load of fun.

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