51snlnyjjlMonkey Carlo captured my heart as I opened the box to find him clutching his blankie with the beautiful Kathe Kruse details we know and love–a circular stitching that loops into hearts around the edge or his little turned out feet with red checked soles, Their motto, “The hand follows the heart” certainly is lived out with this little monkey who is ready to be a trusted companion to your baby.  His happy smile and attached hands make him ready for a hug or take-along to any activity as baby becomes a toddler. Two toys in one, Monkey Carlo can let go of his blanket so now we are ready for some pretend play! Your toddler can put his monkey to sleep, covering him up with his ultra soft blanket (if he’ll part with it) and start the imitation of his everyday experiences, telling a story and building his language skills. So exciting to have a lovey at birth that can grow into a friend for pretend play and learning later!

Available at Kathe Kruse. Click here