KEVA Design Woods include 200 premium precision cut blocks that encourage innovation, STEM learning and artistic creativity. This construction set is perfect for future architects, engineers, and all creators. Each plank elevates building into a creative masterpiece, offering a educational benefits that spark imagination, enhance design skills, and work deep into STEM learning.

Learning through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) concepts allows children to discover real-world applications. Through the process of designing, building, and collaborating, children engage in practical applications of geometry, physics, and engineering principles. As they experiment with balance, stability, and structure, they practice problem-solving skills. The hands-on approach to constructing various designs provides a tangible understanding of architectural and engineering principles, making theory a reality.

KEVA Design Woods isn’t just about following instructions; it’s an opportunity for creative expression and innovative design. Each plank empowers young builders to create structures that are limited only by their imagination. With the freedom to experiment, children develop a strong sense of design, learning about balance and symmetry, while crafting their unique creations.

These planks were also a catalyst for collaborative learning. Children worked together to elaborate on projects, learn teamwork, communication, and cooperation. They shared ideas, solved problems collectively, and celebrated their joint accomplishments.

KEVA Design Woods integrates STEM learning with design and creative expression. Through building, children gain hands-on experiences with mathematics, engineering, and design while nurturing their creativity and imagination.

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