VTech’s versatile Kick and Score Playgym is an interactive play mat that grows with your child. Suitable from infancy and up, the Kick and Score Playgym encourages motor and language skills and allows for awesome ways for caregivers to interact.

The Kick and Score Playgym can help your baby meet developmental goals and reach milestones. It encourages play lying down in supine position, in tummy time or prone position, sitting up, or even on-the-go with a detachable panel. The mat includes 5 play pieces and is easy to clean (machine washable!), cause and effect help encourage movement

On the floor, your baby can practice kicking and begins to understand basic cause and effect. As baby kicks and moves the soccer ball, the interactive panel lights up and says encouraging phrases that caregivers can repeat to promote language development. Your baby can also sit up or practice tummy time on the mat, reaching  for their kettlebell and dumbbell (we did say gym, right?!). The interactive learning panel is detachable and teaches colors, shapes, animals, and plays songs and melodies. These features can help give caregivers more opportunities to talk with their baby as they enjoy all the features that this fun playgym has to offer.

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