The KidiZoom Creator Cam by VTech is an easy-to-use camera that has features that you would expect, like taking pictures and videos. This alone always makes for rich language opportunities as children can snap photos and retell about their stills from the photographer’s perspective. But this camera has additional features that will take role playing and storytelling to the next level. 

The KidiZoom Creator Cam comes with a green screen that allows your child to film themselves with 20+ animated backgrounds. My toy tester set up his tripod (included), flipped up the lens for selfie mode, and became a meteorologist telling about the weather and reminding his viewers how to prepare for rainy days ahead. Intended for ages 5-10, my toy tester even played director role, calling on family members to take on different characters as we were all in grave danger from circling sharks and hungry dinosaurs. With some parent help, mini-films were uploaded on a computer using the USB cable, saved, and sent to Grandma and Grandpa.

Intended for ages 5-10, the camera provides an opportunity for independent filmmaking, language rehearsal and exploration, and strong narrative development. These are the exact language skills that research has proven can predict academic success. Keep your kids talking and creating with VTech’s KidiZoom Creator Cam. 

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By Erika Cardamone MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologist, Mom, toy reviewer, speaker, foodie, runner