Kinetic Sand is an absolute kid and parent favorite. Kids get all the benefits of exploratory sensory art play and parents have less of the mess. This magical sand never dries out and helps develop sensory, motor, and communication skills.

The Sandisfactory Set includes 4 colors to mix and play (red, blue, yellow, and black) and over 10 tools to create. Kids loved experimenting with mixing the primary colors making various shades of green, purple, orange, pink, and more. They even experimented with a bit of each color to make “rainbow sand.”

We love the combined motor, sensory, and language experience that Sandisfactory Set provided. Kids strengthened hand muscles by squeezing, squishing, and smashing. They pinched and poked working on grasping and finer motor skills. Kids love the way it feels. Running the sand through their fingers, sifting, and dropping it on the table was great sensory or tactile play. Using the various tools and combining them with the sand was great for using new verbs in language like scoop, slice, rake, comb, mix, flatten, and form.

Creating the black cube of sand with rainbow square in the middle (as pictured on the box) was the most fun. Kids first mixed the colors that they wanted in the cube. Then, they followed a descriptive 6-step direction that was included in the instruction set. This was great for sequencing, which is an essential skill to tap into higher-order thinking skills.

Spin Master’s Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set offers multi-modal play for kids ages 3 and up.  It encourages creativity, fine motor development and language skills.  It’s a great art and craft alternative.

Available at Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond