Kinetic sand is so popular with kids. It is especially fun to watch a group of kids create together, as I’ve seen in the classroom. This new Sandwhirlz Playset has fun tools to drop and squish the sand to reveal surprise shapes and flow, inspiring a volcano, explosions, and so on. The set includes six snap on shape shifters and two extruder tubes to vary the outcome and creative play. Kids can have fun squishing and building with their hands or mix colors and watch the sand ooze out of the shifters. Kinetic sand is a wonderful learning tool for kids who can use some sensory regulation (calm down) through playing with the sand. Especially now, with distance learning options for school, some kids need a break to maintain attention during hours of screen time. This flow kinetic sand suitcase is self-contained for such breaks while providing an opportunity to imagine and create, or even do some storytelling!

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