Spin Master brilliantly combined kinetic sand and everyone’s favorite treat – ice cream! Kinetic Sand Scents Ice Cream Treats pair the squishy awesomeness of kinetic sand with pretend play!

Kids love squishing, squeezing, and shaping kinetic sand. It’s a great sensory experience as it provides deep pressure, which can provide tactile (or touch) input that is good for calming and organizing the body. Kinetic sand is also great for building fine motor skills and finger strengthening. 

The Ice Cream Treats set includes three different colors and scents, or 3 different flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), a freezer inspired tray for easy scooping, 6 different tools and molds, including a variety of topping accessories. Our ice cream buyers especially loved the cherry on top. No sundae is complete without a cherry on top!

Our toy testers jumped right into imaginative play after they “set up the ice cream store.” They started negotiating roles “I’ll be the server and you be the customer,” and as pretend play continued, they expanded on play, insisting on needing a menu. They created flavors like “crisp cookie” and “strawberry swirl” and handed their written menu to all customers (adults included). Math and money concepts were easily incorporated too!

The Kinetic Sand Scents Ice Cream Treats is a wonderful educational toy for the sensory, fine motor, and language development for children 3 and up. It was magical to witness the beauty of pretending as children created real-life scenarios, tried out different social roles, and practiced cognitive skills like problem solving and flexible thinking.