Kinetic Sand’s newest creation tool is here. The Swirl N’ Surprise creates colorful discs of layered sand while the kid powered sand swirler spins sand to the edges. Hold the brake to slow down the spinner, fill the last bit of the disc with sand to make it compact and then get playing.

The Swirl N’ Surprise includes a sand swirler machine, knife tool, melon ball tool, pie cutter, coring and smush tool, burst insert, and 3 primary colors of amazing Kinetic Sand. Our creators loved playing with the the sand and gaining the satisfying sensory experience of simply running your fingers through it. They mixed primary colors to make new ones and quickly got to creating.

The sand swirler machine provides an additional fine motor strengthening experience, as kids press the button to get the swirler twirling! It’s a fast physics lesson in force as the speed of the swirler causes the sand to gravitate to the sides. Kids loved creating colorful discs, experimenting with colors and volume of sand as no two discs were ever the same.

Take the tray out of the spinner and you get an amazing color burst to scoop, press, and cut. That’s exactly where more fine motor work happened and the pretend play soared. Our kid creators served by “rainbow pie,” “swirly meatballs,” and the house special “a stripy hamburger.”

Why We Love It

The Kinetic Sand Swirl N’ Surprise provides sensory input while kids squish, squeeze, push, and press sand. This can help a child regulate their sensory system and be more available for language and learning. Kids created their own fun props for storytelling and pretend play as they engaged in multi-modal play with this one box.

Available at Amazon, Walmart, and Target