Parents immediately recognized the high quality of design and construction of King George’s Castle. The pieces interlock precisely and the design is such that once it is put together it is very stable and sturdy for active play. The castle’s large, open design invited our 5 year-old friend to get positioned so he could have both hands inside for play! Roofs, ramps, walls and doors create a highly dynamic set for pretend play as he positioned the medieval knights (sold separately) for protection and fighting. He immediately started to narrate his story which is just what we want a good toy to inspire! Double doors open to what could be a jail or dungeon, a working drawbridge is operated safely from an upper deck inside the castle, a back door allows for escape and the turrets serve as great lookouts. After the battle, raise the red or blue flag to designate the victor! As I took this to a 4 year-old preschool, the teacher said, “You are going to put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces!” This set is perfect for the playroom or preschool classroom as several children can have hands-on play, collaborating on their story, while building speech, language and early literacy skills. 

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By Bob Artemenko