Welcome to the world of the Kruselings, Guardians of the Dreams. These beautiful character dolls by Kathe Kruse have been sent out to save the dreams of the world. My little girls immediately fell in love with these dolls and began some elaborate pretend play. I briefed them on the dolls’ characters, Vera, the Child of Grace dreams of being a ballerina and waves her ribbon wand to make all things dance while Sophia is a Child of Nature and can speak in the languages of living creatures with her magic flower. What fun to listen in on their stories, “How are you doing in ballet?” “She’s going outside to experience nature and sing songs to the animals.” As the girls transformed their characters from street clothes to wings and magic accessories, their stories took flight. They ended up at their teacher’s desk re-enacting their story. What a beautiful accessory to learning as kids become enthralled with bringing their doll to life and interacting with others, practicing the essential elements of building a story with a beginning, middle and end, dialogue, some conflict and resolution. Such fun in pretend play prepares kids through story telling for later reading and writing.

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