No batteries in this doggie. All the action is up to your little guy or girl. This Brio classic has grown by 50% to become a life size pet to follow your toddler around the house. It makes a big statement, arriving in beautiful packaging with a plastic window on one side to view the dog’s size. His swivel head follows a child’s lead and the wheels/feet glide easily on the the floor for keeping up with your child. This companion has a cute wiggle to the back wheels, flapping ears and a springy tail to endear him to all. Around a year of age, kids start imitating their life with pretend play, choosing toys to re-enact their activities. Pets and their care are a popular topic for pretend play for toddlers and preschoolers as they take their friend along for conversation and play through the day, building language skills as they solve problems and negotiate the playroom together.This incredibly sturdy dog will entertain for generations, I know because we have a smaller Brio Dachshund that is entertaining Daddy’s kids now too!

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