Join The Colby brothers team, hidden in the Amazon jungle, as they view, trap, examine, feed, conduct research and learn about these fascinating, last living dinosaurs. Schleich’s playset has incredible pretend play potential with 33 interactive pieces and several mini-scenarios to inspire sub plots in kids’ story telling. Help Maxx do his work at the command center, climb up to the viewing platform to shoot three tranquilizing darts, examine newly caught dinos and release them to the quarantine pen below through a trap door. The large yard allows the dinos more movement for further observation but be careful that they don’t escape through the flap down gate! With so many themed areas of this large playset, several kids can play collaboratively, generating a story together which exercises higher level language skills like negotiation, problem solving, and critical thinking. The specialized props like a pole catcher, binoculars, slab of meat, or crane motivate kids to add details to embellish their stories The large brontosaurus and smaller, quick velociraptor are hand painted and so beautifully detailed that they easily come alive in a child’s hands inspiring imagination and creativity. What a WOW gift for the holidays!

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