9780399257742The cover of “Last Stop on Market Street” is filled with medallions for awards and it is no wonder. I’ve incorporated this book into many language lessons since it was published and kids love it as do I. CJ is leaving church with his Nana for a bus ride in the rain to a special destination. Only part way through the story, you will wish YOU had a Nana like CJ’s who “always found beautiful where he never even thought to look.” Annoying rain turns into a benefit to the trees, “Don’t you see that big one (tree) drinking through a straw?” while blindness allows watching the world with their ears. Nana’s free spirited positive spin on everything and everyone she met, including the young man serenading everyone with his guitar,  starts to lift CJ out of the busy city and lose himself in the happiness of his outing with Nana. Last Stop on Market Street was the local soup kitchen where he and Nana served familiar friends. Filled with abstract language to discuss with kids while searching for hidden meanings behind the words, “The outside air smelled like freedom,” or “a bus that breathes fire,” this book is loaded with language lessons and discussion for parent and child or teacher and classroom. It will warm your heart.

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