Stroll down Paddywhack Lane into a land of pretend as you stop off at Lauren’s Wildflower Garden. Lauren is ready to play in her removable lady bug costume as she and her bunny, Whiskers, set out to plant their garden. Equipped with a rake, shovel, fence to keep out the vegetable-eating critters, watering can, seed pack, wheelbarrow, and three flower plants that fit perfectly into dirt or pots, she is ready to design. Kids loved the sturdy props to guide the story in any direction. Clever packaging provides a fold-out backdrop for Lauren’s landscape. My little toy testers immediately got to work telling the story as Lauren talked to her bunny and cultivated the garden. Since Paddywhack Lane features several play sets around a theme–a pet hospital, treasure hunt, tea party, ballerina studio and pony ride–kids can extend their play combining themes. A little girl added “Madeline’s Pet Hospital Playset” and suddenly Whiskers wasn’t feeling well and was on his way to the vet. With additional play scenarios, there is more opportunity for conversation, problem solving and creating an adventure. ¬†Take a look at “The Costume Trunk,” by Bob Fuller that beautifully tells the inspirational story behind the Paddywhack Lane kids–“You can be anything you want to be, you’ve just gotta believe!”

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