Dive into an exciting adventure with LeapFrog’s LeapLand Adventures. This is a learning video game that only requires an HDMI hook-up. No other downloads necessary.

Players can choose from two characters and then begin their journey to search for keys to unlock Clever Castle. They must explore the four LeapLand worlds! Letterland focuses on learning letters and initial letter sounds. In Numberville, kids learn to count and understand one-to-one number correspondence. Discover different shapes in your environment in Shapetown. Lastly, Color Springs leads you to a variety of different objects and their colors.

Children use the simple gaming controller to run and jump through each world to collect gems, cleverberries and treasure chest rewards. They hunt for objects as they’re exploring early learning concepts like letters and sounds, numbers, shapes, and colors. It’s great for repeat play too, as they collect more gems and flags to decorate the castle.

Our young preschoolers were eager to play LeapLand Adventures. After some practice with hand-eye coordination and intentional use of the game controller, they passionately shouted out answers and repeated targets during the game. Although gameplay is intended for only one player at a time, older siblings were quick to help younger ones navigate through worlds and cooperative play was observed.

LeapLand Adventures is a fun learning video game that offers quick set up and lively learning of basic preschool concepts like letters and sounds, numbers, shapes and colors.

Available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart