Children are transported on new adventures, play games, listen to music and practice mindfulness, all with LeapFrog’s new LeapPods Max. These headphones include six different modes, loaded with audio content that keeps kids moving, imagining, learning, and can help with winding down too.

Start listening right out of the box! No downloading or pairing required (although they are also Bluetooth capable and easily pair to listen to your favorite podcast or music wirelessly!). The headphones fit comfortably over all ears (tested on kids ages 3-11 years) and are loaded with educational content for all ages.

The 6 different modes provide screen-free fun while kids can exercise their bodies and their minds. There are 10 Dance Party tracks and 8 Challenge tracks that get the body moving and kids can also practice following directions. Learning Songs, Instrumentals, and Quiet Time are great options for learning new vocabulary, singing along, or winding down and practicing mindfulness, which can assist with social-emotional well being. A favorite mode was Adventures! Use the included Adventure Passport which acts as a visual companion while listeners experience the sounds of different environments, like the Amazon rainforest, The Countryside, and Under the Sea. They explore places and animals from all around the world. Kids were captivated while learning through this audio content, which worked listening comprehension and imaginations too.

LeapPods Max are versatile, educational, and parents will love how children are engaging in active listening without screens. These are great for travel, helpful for transitions between activities, and for helping with self-regulation and social-emotional wellness.

Available at Amazon, Walmart and Target