LeapStart is an interactive learning system for children as young as 2. With three different levels (preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten), it will grow with your child and keep them reading, thinking, and learning.

The LeapStart Learning Success Bundle includes 2 books to get you started and get a feel of what each level is like. Adventures in Learning features pages from all three levels, so it can guide you as to which level is most appropriate for your child. Cory Carson Superhero School is a Level 1 book, a charming story featuring friends from Netflix’s original series, Go! Go! Cory Carson.

With the touch of the stylus, children can choose to read the book or be read to. Each page also provides educational activities that are appropriate for their level. A few activities include following multi-step directions within a story, understanding different events or actions in a story, identifying story elements (like characters, setting, problem and solution), and even promote critical thinking.

“This train is now leaving for Kyoto. Touch the blue lever to close the doors…. now approaching Kyoto station.” 

In storybooks, kids are prompted to solve problems, identify character feelings, and give examples of how they came to their answer. This leads to flexible thinking, building empathy and social-emotional skills, and understanding casual events.

Books provide a plethora of new vocabulary for children. Reading and engaging in the story interactively reinforces learning of these new words for optimal learning. Additional books can be purchased for your LeapStart too!

Available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon