Let’s get our preschoolers involved with the magic of touch and learn interactive LeapStart systems with one designed just for them–preschool through first grade! Our LeapStart learning system came with a collection of Adventures in Learning and “Scout and Friends Math With Problem Solving.” Touch the four keys–star, stars, lightbulb and hand to play level 1 and 2 activities, get a hint or stop your lesson. Our “Adventures in Learning” collection includes sample pages from six activity books available in the expansive LeapStart library. Parents can customize what material they want to share with the kids to build and reinforce subject matter skills. Kids learn “Daily Routines” by tapping on the star key and hearing  “Miss Giraffe wants us to hand out the snacks, Let’s find the pink cookies. Let’s give everyone a cookie. Tap on all the friends.” Responses include counting, manners, and following directions. “Pre-K STEM is led by Robot asking for help making his sound machine by identifying building parts and giving their purpose. First Day of School teaches safety issues related to school with sound effects and tracing routes. “Pet Pal Puppies Math” asks kids to trace numbers related to the story line of doggies burying their bones while “Amazing Animals” teaches identification of animals and their associated communication. “Scout and Friends Math” includes fun activities to learn counting, sequence, tracing numbers, matching, understanding quantities, recognizing a problem and solving it. Kids love these LeapStart pads so much that I had to get one for each grandchild in the family. It’s fun to watch kids engage in independent learning that is lively and fun.

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