The Learn with Me Rocket and Animal Farm by The Learning Journey International are fantastic toys for children who are just starting to learn and explore the world around them. The cow and rocket-shaped toys are designed to encourage learning through play, and it is packed with features that will capture your child’s attention and can help them learn new words.

They each include 10 colored game pieces with pictures pertaining to that theme. The Animal Farm has pictures of various farm animals and the Rocket has all things outer space. It’s a fun interactive toy where children push game pieces inside through an opening. The cow and rocket talk and name each item. Children also practiced hand-eye coordination and fine motor control as they placed game pieces through the slots.

Our toddler toy testers really enjoyed the repetitive action of placing the game pieces inside and repeating new vocabulary words. Listening to a 2-year old repeat words like “astronaut,” “space rover,” and “satellite” made playtime even more fun! There was a fun pretend play element as well. We blasted off our rocket and allowed our cow to graze in shady meadows.

The Learn with Me – Animal Farm and Rocket is durable and can withstand even the most enthusiastic playtime. The toy is also lightweight and all game pieces are self-storing. It will engage your child’s imagination and help them learn new vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

Available at The Learning Journey International