imgres-5My grandson Sam’s first word may not have been shark or pirate, but his first four syllable utterance was “megoladon,” the Goliath of prehistoric sharks which scientists judge grew to over fifty feet. If you came into the room and his eyes were like saucers, you knew what he was talking about! Leave it to Lego to put more pretend play and accompanying language into 57 “easy-to-build” pieces in their “Juniors Pirate Treasure Hunt” set than most parents could imagine. Concocting the perfect storm of two figures (one a calorie crazed skeleton), great pirate props like a map, chest, booty, barrel, boat, and micro-Caribbean coastal waterfront, would have been great enough to spark any number of dramas,  bathtub battles or pre-bedtime imaginative stories. Kids loved the frightfully fun, toothy Great White shark that can take the play to a fever pitch. Moms endorsed this as a mega-fun birthday gift or overall great toy for any 4-7 year old, especially those bitten with pirate or sharko-philia … this is one power packed set!

By Bob Artemenko, CMO

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