Everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in one box. The Less-Mess Painting Activity Kit is a 46 piece-set, including 3 spill-proof washable paints (plus brushes!), 5 washable paint sticks, crayons, stencils, texture scrapers, foam stampers, sticker sheet, paper, activity guide for more.

This is perfect for a rainy day, an overnight at the grandparents, a playdate, or creative time after school. With plenty of paper and art supplies, our five toy testers were all busy creating, swapping supplies and complimenting each other on their creations.

Our older kids loved reading the art guide on different ways to use the included supplies. They did some “ghost drawings” with white crayon and then revealed secret messages and pictures after coloring with a paint stick. The tools were great for practice fine motor skills, which promotes handwriting for later academic years.

The artists taught each other how to use texture scrapers with paint and paint sticks to make ocean waves, sunset skies, and grassy hills. Children began creating their own scenes to tell their story. The best part about this kit? LESS MESS! The paint is magical and spill-proof. The paint sticks keep everything [dare I say it?] clean. This activity is a must-have for little artists with big imaginations.

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