Come along for a delightful ride in Tuski”s red cab, “Beep Beep! Honk, honk! Toot Toot!” as the tall blue bird directs the pickups of various items from a lemon, pea and fish to a trumpet, worms and pancakes. Starting with just a ladder, watering can and hose, Tuski and the blue bird make their way collecting an assortment of travelers. The cute repetitive phrases, always ending with “Let’s Go” provide kids with some early literacy practice as they begin to chime in with each new scenario of added props. With all the travelers and objects carefully balanced life is good until they head up a steep incline and everything topples. Blue bird and the fish, ladybugs and worms take the opportunity to have a rest stop and snack of peaches and pancakes to the tune of the trumpet before gathering up to continue their journey. What a cute story for kids to begin a little reading and predicting, following the simple illustrations in primary colors.

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