Traveling with baby can be a challenge so let’s make life easier on everyone and bring along a few moving familiar faces–elephant, lion and monkey. This flexible mobile attaches to infant carriers, cribs and strollers and with so many features, baby will be entertained while learning. Voice activated, this mobile sings 40 soothing nursery rhymes like “Mocking Bird,” or “All Through the Night.” Parents can select music and motion or just songs to soothe baby with a timer for 10-20 or 30 minutes. Babies are listening to the language in the rhyming songs and learning to hear differences in sounds, like little scientists. The rhythm and rhyme of some old favorites like “Bicycle Build for Two” and “Humpty Dumpty” teach babies the rhythm of language to decode words. Parents love the versatile mobile that clamps on a crib or can attach to a car seat to make travel soothing for Mom and Dad too!

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