Yookidoo’s Lights ‘N’ Music Baby Book is a multi-sensory approach to tummy time and a true game changer for making it both entertaining and educational. This interactive book is designed to engage children through various sensory experiences, such as lights, sounds, and textures.

The accordion-style book features six pages that are double sided, each with its own unique design and interactive elements. Parents have plenty to talk about with their little one as they encourage language development during playtime. They can practice pointing to each colorful picture, describing its theme, color, pattern, or texture. The mirror makes for fun peek-a-boo during tummy time play. The lifting flaps promote functional language and understanding of cause and effect and new word learning, while the flashing lights promote visual tracking as they travel through the pages. The book even plays classical music by Haydn for relaxation and Chopin for stimulation, which stimulate auditory skills.

The Lights ‘N’ Music Baby Book also supports motor development, as it encourages babies to play in tummy time position and explore and manipulate the different elements of the book. It’s an all inclusive way for parents and caregivers to support both language and motor development through its interactive design, variety of sensory experiences, and focus on exploration and manipulation.

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