Hop to it! It’s time to grab your froggy and sit on the rock in the middle of the lily pond filled with letters to explore. Give each player three word cards, each with three to five letters placed in front of them. Roll the die and hop your frog that number of lily pads (1-3) connected by lines toward the first letter on your first card. My card said “TOP” so I headed for the T. Players have a letter tracker to place on the word card, showing the letter they are looking for. Jump over frogs or follow the line around them to pursue your next letter. Watch other players closely because if they land on the letter you are pursuing, you can move your tracker ahead to the next letter–a free turn so to speak. Kids get practice with letter recognition, spelling, sequencing, vocabulary and matching as they complete a card, call out the letters and read the word. The winner is the first frog to hop through all his letters in order and sit back down on the center rock. SimplyFun has done it again. They’ve created a delightfully fun way to learn to read!

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