Queen's Treasures wagonPack up for your pioneer adventure as your dolls board the wagon in this 52″ long Prairie Covered Wagon. Little girls threaded the reigns through the horse hitch and sat their dolls on the jockey box, ready to steer the horses. Large enough for big imaginations, this wagon carried a trunk to fit provisions and a wagon bed ready to be filled. A new line for The Queens’ Treasures, Little House on the Prairie will delight all the devotees of the TV show and books relating the life of Laura Ingalls, inspiring children to read and create their own play scenes from history. Room enough for two 18″ dolls to steer the wagon or sleep inside, this wagon will serve as the center of family life on their adventure west.  The history lesson starts with the wagon’s name, “Prairie Schooner,” because its cover fluttered like a the sail on a ship as it carried the Ingalls family across the plains in search of their new home. I can’t help but think this wagon would be a great addition for homeschooling moms or teachers in the classroom too, to make history come alive and inspire some original writing based on The Little House on the Prairie.

Note: Baskets, cooking utensils and doll clothes are sold separately to round out the adventure.

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