Ahoy! Elephant Lolo is making a trip across the ocean to deliver presents to his friends. It’s a rocky ocean and the boat sways back and fourth along with the presents (beads!). This is Lolo’s Boat Bead Maze. It captivates young minds while offering language and learning benefits, fine motor skill enhancement, and the understanding of cause and effect.

Lolo’s Boat Bead Maze seamlessly blends exploration, storytelling and learning. Children guide the beads along the maze, practicing dexterity, fine motor control, and hand-eye coordination. They explore the concept of cause and effect as the boat rocks and bells inside jingle.

Our toddler toy tester enjoyed making big waves with a vigorous shake to hear that jingle. Children learned to anticipate what happens during play as they move each bead along its path with a rocky boat. This early experience with cause and effect paves the way for critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The standout feature with all of Bababoo and friends’ products is the emphasis on connection and storytelling. Each toy includes a Play Tale — a descriptive story with an engaging plot and friendly characters. This provides a great launching pad for caregivers to share the story aloud to provide a language rich environment and then later act out the sequence of events. Listening and then expressing through play can assist with receptive language and auditory processing.

Lolo’s Boat Bead Maze by Bababoo and friends is over 99% plastic free, so parents can entertain and expand learning while feeling good about the planet too. Through its engaging design, the boat bead maze promotes language development, fine motor skill, and the understanding of cause and effect. Playtime is transformed into a valuable learning experience, all while fostering creativity and imaginative storytelling with Lolo and his friends.

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