60100800large_2Three little sisters rushed into the room at the sight of the new Lundby Smaland Doll’s House and started leading the play, re-arranging furniture and assigning roles, “Who should I be?” I plugged in the cord and the lights went on–the stove and oven, shelves in the cupboards, standing lamps and overhead fixtures. The girls were mesmerized and quiet for a moment until the 8 year-old declared, “This is the most coolest house ever!” Each room is cheerfully decorated in patterned wallpaper, simulated wood and checkered floors as well as carpet for a cozy bedroom. Having grown up with a dollhouse that lit up, I am a little partial to the warmth and realism which that feature provides. Room furnishings are purchased separately and are quite realistic to the modern period reflected in the Swedish design of this house. Mini outlets in the wall that accommodate their electrical accessories provide for flexible decorating with extensive options from Lundby.The dollhouse also got high marks from moms who thought it was “more lifelike,” had “inviting colors,” and liked the plastic windows and doors that opened and closed. I have to listen to a family of girls who clearly knew how to take the little family through their day, starting with breakfast and spin their own story using their imagination, and role play. Pretend play feeds later reading and writing skills as kids become successful in school.

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