images-2Sometimes we just need a little friend to keep the monsters of the dark away. Enter Lyla Tov Monsters. They captured my heart as I walked the aisles of the New York Toy Fair this year and saw them all sitting, dangling their legs with their big button eyes, inviting smiles and bright patterned tummies and limbs. My little friend grabbed Charlotte right out of my arms and said, “What’s her name?” when I arrived. When she saw the tail she added, “Who is this?” I explained that Charlotte was a buddy to comfort kids who are a little afraid of the dark. She understood, giving a little squeeze. Designing and producing the Lyla Tov Monsters became a family affair when 3 year-old Lyla designed her first monster as a gift for Daddy. Creative parents, Erin and Eric, have both worked for the Jim Henson Company in costume design and production, respectively as well as other children’s television projects. It looks like Charlotte and her friends were born into a creative family! These Lyla Tov (“Good night” in Hebrew) Monsters are more than protectors of a good night’s sleep as they provide plenty of “fun” and creative play as kids take their monsters along during daytime adventures of the imagination, building language skills as kids dialogue and create stories.

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