Children love to play doctor with Madeine’s Pet Hospital Playset. Poseable figures provide inventive storytelling as vet Madeline tends to her injured and sick pets, Fluff the cat and Oliver the dog. Children enjoyed using the real-life props to check out the animals with a stethoscope, first aid kit with medicine, a shot, thermometer and patient clipboard to record all her data. Animals arrive in a sturdy pet carrying case and are coaxed out to see the doctor. Don’t worry, the shot won’t hurt. Madeline, one of the costumed kids has removable scrubs for her pretend play as the veterinarian. Kids gave out the right pills, put a cast on Oliver’s leg and might even administer a shot. Combine the pet hospital with other Paddywhack playsets–a treasure hunt, tea party, garden, ballerina studio or pony ride–and you have a new twist to your story. Is your horse limping? or your bunny have a tummy ache? Bring them on over to Madeline for some loving care. Enjoy the backstory to the kids at Paddywhack Lane in Bob Fuller’s book, “The Costume Trunk,” where kids are inspired to be anything they want to be, “they just gotta believe!”

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