Kids pointed to the cube of 27 small magnetic blocks and said, “Can we play with that?” They quickly pulled apart the light, magnetic cubes and began to build a tower, house and castle. These blocks served as the setting for creative stories as kids brought the magnetic “clips” to the table from other Geomagworld sets. Their favorite was building the story of “The Three Pigs” with the 143 pieces to snap on to the cubes from straw, trees, logs, wind (a huff and a puff) and a shovel to a cement mixer, wheelbarrow and the wolf! “We’re building a house of straw,” they said, as the house looked more like a high rise. “Where is the wind blowing?” they said, as they searched for the magnetized drawing of the Wolf’s huff and puff. When kids construct a story physically with blocks and clips as well as verbally through their speaking, they are using several modes of learning, reinforcing skills used in reading and writing. What a fun way to exercise those skills.

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