Toddlers and preschoolers are going to be happy that Geomagworld is making their magicubes™ for the younger set now! These 8 kid-sized magnetic blocks form 4 different 3-D puzzles for play–a whale, polar bear, seal and penguin. Sturdy pieces and strong magnets make these creations perfect for pretend play as kids create a world on and below the ice. The 4 building ideas are illustrated on cards so kids can match the construction or be free to create with the magnetic blocks. Building visual-spacial and motor skills while constructing kids also tap into language skills as they animate their animals, bringing them to life in pretend play, Our whale enjoyed a swim and polar bear went fishing. Our little friend was happily surprised by the “sticky blocks” as they fit together, making the possibilities for story telling in the arctic endless!

Available at Geomagworld. Click here